If you get a little hungry, enjoy our Kosher food for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. With meals like shwarma, customized omelets, pasta, and fresh cookies you’re sure to find something good to eat.

This program is a “Star K of Baltimore” certified dining program that adheres to strict religious dietary observances and is available to all students and guests. Both Dairy and Meat Kosher meals and services are prepared and supervised by our qualified Cook / Mashgiach. The menu is a reflection of daily selections from our dining hall seasonal cycle menu enhanced by scheduled special events.

General food questions? Connect with John Slater, Director of Dining Services
T 410-704-2534

Kashrut questions? Contact Star K: 122 Slade Ave. Suite 300, Baltimore, MD 21208.
T 410.484.4110
F 410.653.9294