Leadership Offerings

Opportunities as a student leader through Hillel.

Towson Hillel Incubator Cohort (THIC) Member

Capacity: 10-12 students

  • Participate in a leadership retreat at the beginning of the semester
  • Attend bi-weekly cohort meetings and 1on1 meetings
  • Be a contributing member to group discussions and activities
  • Create a budget and be allotted seed funding to successfully execute initiatives
  • Advertise and promote programs including those created by other THIC members, and other Hillel-sponsored events when relevant
  • Submit a full report at the end of the semester laying out what you did and what the impact was
  • Contribute toward the total necessary hours for SGA requirements (150)
  • Contribute toward fundraising the necessary dollar amount for SGA requirements ($800)
  • Participate in THIC Street Teams and provide constructive feedback to other student leaders

Students will receive up to a $500 stipend based on meeting objective targets throughout the year.

  1. THIC Programming Track
    Capacity: 10 students

    • Create and execute an initiative of your own design
      • Create a thorough action plan
      • Make a program budget
      • Create a timeline of programs, activities, event days, etc.
      • Define benchmarks for desired impact (e.g., # of participants, diversity of participants, depth/quality of experience as reported by participants)
      • Engage peers to help promote and recruit if your initiative includes an event
    • Communicate with THIC Street Team and provide constructive feedback
  2. THIC Engagement Track

    Capacity: 2 students

    • Engage and build relationships with at least 50 new/uninvolved Jewish students on campus
      • Take new students on coffee dates
      • Table on campus in high-traffic areas
      • Recruit students for events (Birthright, etc…)
      • Be a connector–funnel new students into programs you think they would enjoy, and introduce them to new people
      • Be a social media influencer by posting and sharing Towson Hillel content

 Applications are closed for 2019-2020.

Jewish Greek Life Intern

Capacity: 5-7 students

  • Be part of a dynamic start-up team to develop an engagement strategy for Jewish students in fraternities and sororities on campus
    • Work with other student interns to help plan one large event per semester for all Jewish students in Greek Life
    • Plan ways to integrate CAP requirements into Hillel offerings
    • Create a budget and be allotted seed funding to successfully execute initiatives
    • Build relationships with individual students in Greek Life and help others find meaningful outlets for Jewish life on campus
    • Be a social media influencer by posting and sharing Jewish Greek Life content

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis

Interested? Please e-mail our Program Director: leora@towsonhillel.org

 Applications are closed for 2019-2020.

Student Administrative Assistant

Capacity: 1 student

  • Complete administrative tasks under the supervision and guidance of the Executive Director
    • Organize and clean the lounge
    • Assist with fundraising, donor outreach, and donor appreciation
    • Run errands on and off campus
    • Order and take inventory of supplies
    • Compile alumni and donor databases by searching online and making phone calls

Student will receive $500/semester

 Applications are closed for 2019-2020.

Shabbat Committee Chair

Capacity: 1 student

  • Oversee the Shabbat committee in developing and innovating the comprehensive Shabbat experience
    • Facilitate bi-weekly committee meetings
    • Plan services, menu, atmosphere, d’var torah and programming for every big Shabbat dinner
    • Delegate tasks to committee members during the week and while setting up for and cleaning up after Shabbat dinners
    • Design ‘Shabbat in a Box’ program to implement during weeks when there isn’t a big Shabbat dinner
    • Collaborate with partner organizations and student groups to co-host dinners and expand Shabbat reach and impact

Interested? Please e-mail our Program Director: leora@towsonhillel.org

 Applications are closed for 2019-2020.

There are tons of ways for students to get involved in Jewish life on campus. Check out our Calendar of Events and below are a few examples of our thriving community around Towson. Click on each item to learn more.

  1. Towson Hillel Incubator Cohort (THIC)

    The Towson Hillel Incubator Cohort is an elite group of student leaders who have a passion to bring their ideas to life. THIC is designed for any student that is driven, creative, outgoing, and innovative. Each THIC student receives seed funding for their project, networking opportunities, professional coaching, and a connection to a diverse cohort of students seeking professional growth.

    Contact Lisa Bodziner for more info about how to apply for THIC.

  2. First Year Students of Hillel (FYSH)

    FYSH is designed to build special programs for all First Year Students of Hillel. Meet new friends in a unique experience designed just for you. Events include baseball games, dinners, tours of Baltimore, and much more.

    Contact Lisa Bodziner for more info about FYSH events.

  3. Challah For Hunger

    Challah for Hunger is a non-profit national organization founded by Eli Winkelman at Scripps College in 2004. Challah for Hunger’s mission is to “bring people together to bake and sell challah in an effort to raise money and awareness for social justice causes.” Challah for Hunger is currently run by thousands of Jewish students across 78 campuses in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and England! The Towson University Challah for Hunger Chapter was founded in Fall 2013. The TU Chapter is dedicated to making a difference by donating to food justice organizations such as Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger Relief and the Maryland Food Bank. We also partner with organizations on Towson’s campus to contribute to philanthropies that are important to our fellow Tigers!

    Contact Lisa Bodziner for more info about Challah For Hunger.

    FACEBOOK: TUChallah4Hunger 

    INSTAGRAM: @TUchallah4Hunger

  4. Tigers for Israel

    We are a group of pro-Israel students at Towson University. Our mission is to create and enhance the positive image of the Jewish homeland on Towson University’s campus and connect students from diverse backgrounds to Israeli culture.

    Contact Lisa Bodziner for more info about Tigers for Israel.

  5. Greek Life

    Towson University has a thriving Greek Life which includes several Jewish Heritage Fraternities and Sororities such as AEPi, AEPhi, and ZBT.

    Click Here for more information on Greek Life on campus.