For 21 years, Towson Hillel has been a home for students on their religious, spiritual and personal journeys. This year was no exception. We thank those who made Hillel at Towson, from it’s inception, a safe haven 21 years ago and look forward to continuing to grow Jewish life on campus by widening our established base and making more and more lasting impressions on a greater number of students and our supporters on and off campus. From more frequent Shabbat dinners to the launch of an inaugural leadership circle of donors to engaging over 750 students through 155 programs throughout the year, we are proud to say our students can, and do, engage in unique and customized touch points during the week that nourish and enrich their experiences as Jewish students, participants and leaders. We are so proud to serve nearly half of the Jewish population on campus and look forward to increasing our talent, staff, programming, engagement and story with you. We hope you enjoy this year’s annual report. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch.