Gifts and generous donations from our family, friends, supporters and sponsors allow us to thrive. Thank you to everyone that donates to Towson Hillel.  Special thanks to our donors that contribute $1,000 or more and are a part of our Leadership Circle!

For more information on how to become a member of the Leadership Circle contact Lisa Bodziner.

Leadership Circle

Donations of $1,000 or more

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Baumwald

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bodziner

Mr. Kenny Goldberg and Mrs. Lisa Bodziner

Mr. and Mrs. Irv and Jackie Cohen

Dr. Sheryl B. Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Jared and Nicole Bates 

Mr. and Mrs. Fink

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lestner

Mr. and Mrs. Levin

Mr. And Mrs. Matthew Lipsky

Mr. Darren Margolis

Mr. and Mrs. Martie Moss

Mr. Irvin Naiman

Ronnie H. and Alli Russel Charitable Foundation

Mr. Jacob Simone

Mr. Jack Zager and Mrs. Ellen Kahan Zager