Whether you’re accustom to celebrating Shabbat every week, just on special occasions, or only at summer camp, Towson Hillel has a wide multitude of options for you to explore.

Shabbat in the Union Once a month Towson Hillel sponsors a large catered Shabbat. For these dinners we reserve a room outside of the Hillel Lounge typically in the Union. Services begin at 6:00pm and dinner is served at 7:00pm. Students are encouraged to invite friends and family members as we all gather together to celebrate the end of the week. Have a food allergy or dietary restriction? Contact Scott and let us know how we can accommodate you.

Shabbat in the Lounge –  These Shabbats take place in the Hillel Lounge where students use a meal on their OneCard to participate in dinner. These are orchestrated by our Student Board and usually will involve a fun theme and activity. Don’t have a meal plan? Don’t let that stop you fun joining in on the fun! Contact Scott for details.

Hosted Shabbat – A Hosted Shabbat takes place off campus in the homes of one of our student leaders. While a hosted Shabbat is still sponsored by Towson Hillel, these are more intimate dinners where we empower students take on a leadership role in preparing and hosting a Shabbat dinner on their own. Interested in hosting your own Shabbat? Contact Scott for more information!

Check our calendar to find out what kind of Shabbat is coming up!