Thank you for taking me on this impactful trip.

The most powerful moments on the trip for me was visiting the various holy sites. In these Devine spaces I felt the gravity of the importance these sites have on their respective religions, a feeling I could only of had by being in these places which seemed to have been kissed by G-d.

As we walked through Jerusalem, I kept reflecting on the millions of people who have journeyed to this holy city to be closer to their religion and G-d. I also reflected on the millions of people who never got the chance to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

The day we went to Rawabi and the settlement/village of Psagot, gave me a new perspective on the region. While the region is G-d blessed, there remains so much conflict in the region, a conflict which seems to be both political and religious.

Thank you again for selecting to go on this trip. I hope this email reflection is helpful.

Joshua L.