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TU Hillel Face Mask

Designed by Shannon Atkinson

Purchase your very own Towson University Hillel mask! Replaceable filter and adjustable siding included! 
Support Hillel and save lives! Keep our staff, students and community safe!

Thank you, Designs by Shan, for your high quality creation.  If you have any questions about the mask please feel free to contact us.

Rosh Hashanah

The Jewish New Year is on its way,
So, it’s time to order your beautiful Rosh Hashanah packages from TU Hillel today!

Click the link below to order for yourself, a TU student, friends or family,
And the recipient will get everything needed to celebrate the chag and ring in 5783!

Orders must be placed by 10am on Sunday, September 7, 2022,
Local deliveries will be made on Sunday morning, September 18th, and when it’s revealed that this awesome holiday gift is from you!

All proceeds from this fundraiser will help keep programs thriving for Jewish students at Towson University,
Todah rabbah for supporting this effort, and we wish a Shana Tovah to you and your family!

Click the link below to purchase your Rosh Hashanah packages today. 
The ordering deadline is Wednesday, September 7th so please make sure not to delay!

Image shown does not represent actual package or its contents.