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Reopening Policies

TU Hillel, Fall 2020

Hillel Lounge

In accordance with Towson University’s Covid-19 reopening policies and President Schatzel’s decision to make all classes remote for the remainder of the semester, the Hillel lounge is closed.

Hillel House

Open Monday–Friday from 9am-5pm, except on holidays, with a rotating staff schedule.

  • 1 staff member per week will be in the House during these hours.
  • A maximum of 5 students at a time may use the Hillel House space.
  • Students must use the app Picktime to sign up for a timeslot.
  • Timeslots are 1 hour long, however, students may pick multiple time slots.
  • The Hillel House will also be used for appointments with 1-1 staff and student meetings.

More Info:

  • An additional staff member will be available weekly for coffee dates/working virtually.
  • Temperatures of all who are entering the House will be taken daily and recorded.
  • Students and staff must wash hands frequently, use hand sanitizer and wear a mask the entire time they are indoors.
  • For Shabbat and other events, we will have takeaway meals.
  • RSVP in advance will be mandatory and pick up will be outdoors, outside of the Hillel House.
  • Shabbat meals outdoors at the Hillel House can take place, as long as prior approval from a TU Hillel staff person is obtained.
  • Social distancing and safety practices must be observed and there may be no more than a total of 20 students in attendance.
  • Additional outdoor activities will be planned alongside our student body e-board. 
  • Jewish Holidays this fall year will be virtual. 
  • Any faculty, staff or student that tests positive for Covid-19 will be traced to the best of our ability and a decision, in line with the University, will be made regarding a shutdown of Hillel buildings for a two-week time period to clean and quarantine.

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