To start the school year off right, here’s a brief FAQ so we don’t mix up our Hamans and our Moses’.

1) First off, what is Towson Hillel?
Towson Hillel is a home for Jewish students where they can participate in tikkun olam (community service), Jewish learning, social events, holidays and Shabbat. All are welcome to learn about, explore, celebrate Judaism, and just have fun.

2) Where is Towson Hillel located?
Our Hillel and Newell Dining Hall are under renovation for the Fall ’16 semester. While under construction, you’ll be able to find Hillel student leaders and staff all over campus. For specifics, make sure you check in with us regularly to find out where the best place to meet up is. We’ll have room for our events throughout campus, which we’ll post about on our Hillel Facebook page, the Towson  University Jewish Community page, via our email newsletter, and flyers on campus.

3) What about Kosher food?
Worry not! We still, as always, have kosher food 5 days a week for lunch and dinner. We’ll be in Severn Lounge, which is in the union. Go into Patuxent (aka Ptux) and take a left. It’ll be right there. We’ve got delicious food like shwarma, customized omelets, pasta, and cookies so you’re sure to find something good to eat.
Kosher korner severn

4) Tell me about Shabbat!
Most of our Shabbats will be located conveniently in the middle of campus, in the Union. Find out more information about Shabbat here. Want to get involved in planning a cool Shabbat? Check out the Shabbat Committee! More questions? Feel free to ask!

5) What Tikkun olam (Community service) projects are happening this year?
dog community serviceIn the past, we’ve gone to Ronald Mcdonald and made teddy bears with kids, helped clean up a dog shelter (see some volunteers pictured on the left), and made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to donate. Have a neat idea for a community service project? Look into the Community Service Committee!

6) What is the product of the depth of an Olympic-sized pool multiplied by the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet which is then divided by the average wingspan of an oriole??
I’m glad you asked! That would be approximately (72in * 22)/10in = 158.4.

7) I want to know more! I have other questions!
Check out the rest of the website for more details about how to get involved, to travel to Israel, and more. Get to know the staff and feel free to ask them any questions!